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Industry: Fertilizer and food

Portfolio content and return

This portfolio consists of a selection of fertilizer-, acgriculture- and food companies. We wrote about the companies in our Gas-Water-Electricity portfolio that they provide a critical service for our modern society. It is fair to say that food is even more important and there is not enough food without a proper supply of modern fertilizers. The interesting part is that the market currently offers us a chance to invest in this sector, due to current earnings headwinds, to a low price in a historical comparison. An investment of 50.000 euro in this portfolio as of 25.10.2019 gave a share in shareholders equity of 37.786 euros, in earnings of 451 euros and a dividend income of 1.134 euros. The best level of earnings for one year during the last ten yeas for the companies in this portfolio gave a share in earnings of 7.750 euros.

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