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Special situation: Eurobank crash

Portfolio content and return

The ten most valuable banks in the eurozone. Most eurobankshares have for a variety of reasons developed poorly during recent years. Due to the current ultra accomodative monetary policy based on money printing and the artificial negative and zero interest rate environment it is particularly tricky to form an opinion about and to analyse banks. It is difficult to judge what is real and what illusionary. One should however, also in this case, judge the sector with an open mind and with curiosity. Namely, the combined market cap of the ten largest eurozone banks is currently less than the market cap of one JP Morgan & Case, the larget US bank. After all, the combined shareholders equity, dividends and total assets of the eurobanks are manyfold compared to JP Morgan. As of 25.10.2019 an investment of 50.000 euros in this portfolio gives a share of the shareholders equity in the companies of the portfolio of 108.000 euros and yields a dividend of 2.800 euros (based on the latest full year dividend paid).

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